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24 February 2016

A Fortnight with Balbi

I have decided I need to focus on one deck, and one deck only, for a time, and I'm telling you for accountability.

I've settled on two weeks. I know that doesn't sound like much but I will find that a challenge. And the deck will be my beautiful Tarot Balbi. I've reduced (not eliminated, that would be impossible) temptation by clearing my desk of all the other decks I normally keep "to hand".

Here's my inaugural reading -

The meanings applied to this deck, based on those of Eudes Picard in his book "Manuel Synthétique et Pratique du Tarot" (1909), are quite different from the RWS standard. I believe the Gran Tarot Esotérico and the Universal Wirth are in the same vein.

The Priestess
La Sacerdotisa – Este arcano, que corresponde a la letra hebrea Beth, es el dos sin el cual nada existiría. Es una carta dominada por la luna, simbolo de la imaginación y del análisis, lleva consigo los germenes de la ciencia y el error, de lo positivo y negativo. Es, en una palabra: La Ciencia.
This card, which corresponds to the Hebrew letter Beth, is the two without which nothing would exist. It is a card dominated by the moon, symbol of imagination and analysis, carries the seeds of science and error, positive and negative. It is, in a word: Science.

5 of Wands
Ambición, irritabilidad. Trabajo penoso. Mal examen.
Ambition, irritability. Drudgery. Bad (evil) test.

Ace of Swords
Simboliza la Justicia. Fuerza, poder, éxito. Fertilida
Symbolizes justice. Strength, power, success. Fertility.

This experiment will be difficult and at times tedious but potentially successful and worthwhile.

Wish me luck!

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