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25 January 2016

Thirty down, one to go

My responses to the final few questions in Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot Video Challenge...

...with the exception of the very last question, which involves reading a few cards for myself. Live. On camera. For (potentially) other people to see. Gulp!!

It's one thing for me to throw some cards in private, study them at my leisure and then carefully construct a reading out of them to post here. Quite another to pull three cards out of a hat, so to speak, and interpret them on the fly in front of a virtual audience.

Reading live for someone is different, because that person is invested in the reading, it's for and about them, so they're busy concentrating on what you're telling them (one hopes). Unaffected strangers just watching a reading, especially those with a background in Tarot, tend to be more critical. Yep, nervous.

Downbar info you won't see unless you go to YouTube to watch the video:
Dusty White -
John Ballantrae -

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