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08 April 2018

I've moved

If you follow me at all then you’ll have noticed a distinct lack of posts here recently. Looking back, I see I haven’t actually posted anything, apart from links to things other people had posted, since 1 January.

There are a few contributing factors to this. Another post another time, perhaps. But one factor is that this blog, this physical blue thing, was feeling a bit stale and outdated.

I needed a change. A new… “image”, I suppose. So I’ve ditched my comfortable old “classic” Blogger template for one of the newer, prettier ones.

I hope you’ll wander over to “Judy Reads Cards” and check it out. If for no other reason than to find out why I gave it such an unimaginative name. 😉

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09 March 2018

Hello 👋

I know I've been quiet. Changes coming. 😉

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29 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: When the cards are just plain WRONG and the magic of the significator card

I've watched this video a few minutes ago now, and I'm still sitting here shaking my head, and experiencing a profound DUH! moment.

I've never been one to use personal significators within tarot because a) it takes that card out of play - you won't get the benefit of its influence/ meaning within the spread, and b) I never saw the point. And up until now, no one has ever presented me with a good enough reason to change my mind.

But if you add magick into the mix, and its power to attract the "right" cards - now I'm listening! This puts a whole new spin on things.

(So, yeah, yet another Balthazar video. I can't help it. I just click with his ideas. #sorrynotsorry )

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27 January 2018

Loving this right now! OLLY ANNA "Write My Story"

12 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: Accurate Predictive Tarot and How NOT to Use Tarot to Hide From Life

Bloody hell. This blog is in danger of turning into the Balthazar Channel 📺. But I love his take on tarot, and this video is another winner.

Predictive tarot is a thing. Sure, I use tarot for "spiritual counselling" as well, but when I'm fortune telling I read the cards much like I would playing cards.

If you're using a deck that you've developed a deep intuitive connection with and you find you're having trouble reining in your interpretations, try using a completely different deck for predictive readings. I'd recommend a Marseille deck, or even a bog standard RWS if you don't use one already.

You could even limit yourself to just the trumps. 😱  Keep it simple, keep it clear.

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07 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: Using the Tarot for Spirit Communication

This is right up my alley! A detailed and lucid explanation of how to converse with spirit using this particular method PLUS clear guidance on how to phrase questions for Yes/No enquiries.

I have a majors only deck I bought last year that told me I shouldn't use it for ordinary readings. Perhaps it was meant for this type of spirit communication.

Maybe I should ask. 😉

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01 January 2018

Who are you?

When I was younger, a lot younger, if anyone asked me what my favourite Tarot card was, I always said The Hermit. 

In those days, I acknowledged that I was very hermit-like, and even felt a certain amount of pride in the fact, so naturally, I identified with this card.

Then something shifted. I began to feel that I shouldn’t – shouldn’t – be a hermit. That I should make more of an effort to connect with people, join in, be part of society. I told myself that it wasn’t healthy to identify so strongly with The Hermit. That it was a negative mindset that only reinforced my anti-social attitude. And so, for a very long time, I tried hard to be more outgoing, social, normal…

My favourite card became The World. Not, perhaps, for the reasons my would-be redeemers might have hoped. To me, The World is completion, perfection, the All. It’s already a step beyond the realms of social interaction.

As I’ve gotten older with a capital O, I’ve become less and less inclined to make myself be something that, interaction by interaction, was become more and more obvious I was not. 

And then, a couple of days ago I saw a Hermit card in some online forum or other, and it suddenly hit me, like smack in the face hit me, that I had made a conscious decision, all those years ago, to deny my true self. 

Bugger that.

I still love The World card, but I remember now that I am The Hermit.

Who are you?

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01 November 2017

The Seven of Spades = Five + Two (Instagram)

A post shared by Judy K (@weirdeye) on

"The Seven... shows a group of five 'arrows' on one side... and two on another... an image of being stuck between the Mortal Injury of Five and the conflict of Two - it is an image of being delayed or stuck, unable to move without harm..." - pg. 25, Hands of Fate, Robin Artisson.

I read that passage and suddenly thought of Pamela's Seven of Swords. I'm not suggesting the playing card meaning relates to the RWS meaning - but it is a curious visual coincidence.

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30 October 2017

Don't worry, be happy

In an effort to get my card reading mojo back I've dropped my Three Deck Rule and I'm back to grabbing whichever deck catches my attention. 

I saw or read something somewhere today (can't remember where now, argh) that reminded me of my Connected and Free Oracle and how, for me, it's THE deck that cuts through all the bullshit and gets right to the issue. So...

I'm clearly being told to lighten up.

I've been putting all my emphasis on Progress and Purpose. I needed to go deeper, work harder, get somewhere with my practice. I needed to Focus!

Wrong tack.

In reality, I need to recapture the joy of playing with my cards, change my perspective, and open myself back up to the flow of the Universe.

If it's not fun, why do it?

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23 October 2017

I've been thinking, and having thunk...

(This relates back to my previous post, where I began to look at why I don't read with my cards more...)

... One thing that struck me is that I love my cards. Really love them. All of them.

I love to touch them, look at them, aimlessly shuffle them. I've arranged my personal space so that I am virtually surrounded by all of them. They make me feel happy and cosy and safe. Sacred space.

They all have individual voices, and one or another calls to me from time to time. And then I want to take it from its resting place and sit with it, talk to it, look into its "eyes". Do I want to do a reading with it? Not necessarily. Sometimes my hands will pull a few cards without my conscious direction. Other times I'll just commune with its essence for a while.

I'm trying make sense of this by relating it to relationships I might have with other inanimate objects. The only thing that's similar is my connection with crystals and stones.

Sometime I'll deliberately work with a specific crystal, applying its particular energies to a situation. But very often I'll just get the seemingly random urge to put one somewhere in my space or wear one or hold one in my hand for a while. They also sit near me, and are dotted here and there on the decks I have out, not to enhance or protect them, although I'm sure they do, but simply because they called to each other.

Maybe I don't read as much as I think I "should" because my connection with cards is less about divination and more about magick. My decks are sacred objects, talismans, spiritual companions.

And I think that's where I need to start...

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