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17 February 2016

Reading Mash-Up

Another video - In which Judy confesses to doing something she said she wouldn't do - i.e. use more than one deck to answer a single question (Earth Magic Oracle, playing cards and Tarot).

In my defense, when, as part of Ethony's 31 Days of Tarot Challenge, I answered that question, I envisaged spreading several decks at once and then commencing the reading. What I did was spread and read each deck one at a time, and then round off by combining the overall message from all three.

The person I read for knows I'm only practicing on him, so I felt comfortable trying something a bit different. It was fun seeing how the three spreads, plus the 4th "Don't Do/Do spread (check out the Angelo Nasios link below), all seemed to align. It was also interesting to spot patterns between them. For instance, three of the four began with an Ace, a different one for each.

I don't think this is something I'd make a habit of doing, but at least the prospect isn't as daunting anymore.

Links to things referenced in the video:
Nikkiana (shop) -
Nikkiana (YouTube) -
Angelo Nasios "Master Tarot Lesson with Rachel Pollack" -

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