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26 April 2016

Quick Insight Cross Spread

As promised, here is the Lenormand spread I created for my last open reading. I wanted a simple spread that would provide some general insight from the Ether without a specific question.

Shuffle and deal out cards 1 to 5 as shown. Try not to peek at the bottom or "shadow" card until you've read the spread. You don't want its energy to influence your interpretation of the spread.

Card 1 shows the focus or subject of the reading
2 and 3 describe the situation or issue surrounding card 1
4 and 5 suggest how to handle or make best use of the situation as described by cards 2-1-3

Once you've completed your reading, turn the deck over for a "message" from the bottom card. This could represent a comment, an outcome, advice or a warning... That's for your intuition to determine.

How you choose to read the "arms" of the cross is entirely up to you. For example, you could combine 2 and 3 into a single concept and apply that to 1, or treat the three cards as past-present-future, or see 2 as a known aspect and 3 as an unknown aspect of 1, etc. Again, let your intuition and your usual methods guide you.

Equally, you don't have to stick to the cross layout. You can place your cards in any pattern that makes logical sense to you.

Using my last open reading as an example -
The subject (1) was Birds: conversations and nervousness. Paths (2) + Dog (3) suggested choices concerning a friend. Together it appeared to be agitated discussions about or with a friend regarding choices. Whip (4) pointed to the possibility of things becoming heated. Tree (5) in the context of this reading made more sense as time than health, suggesting slowing things down, not rushing to make a decision or state an opinion, especially not in a "whip-y" aggressive way. Finally, the shadow (bottom) card speaks of eventual success as things come to light.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions.

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