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29 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: When the cards are just plain WRONG and the magic of the significator card

I've watched this video a few minutes ago now, and I'm still sitting here shaking my head, and experiencing a profound DUH! moment.

I've never been one to use personal significators within tarot because a) it takes that card out of play - you won't get the benefit of its influence/ meaning within the spread, and b) I never saw the point. And up until now, no one has ever presented me with a good enough reason to change my mind.

But if you add magick into the mix, and its power to attract the "right" cards - now I'm listening! This puts a whole new spin on things.

(So, yeah, yet another Balthazar video. I can't help it. I just click with his ideas. #sorrynotsorry )

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