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12 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: Accurate Predictive Tarot and How NOT to Use Tarot to Hide From Life

Bloody hell. This blog is in danger of turning into the Balthazar Channel 📺. But I love his take on tarot, and this video is another winner.

Predictive tarot is a thing. Sure, I use tarot for "spiritual counselling" as well, but when I'm fortune telling I read the cards much like I would playing cards.

If you're using a deck that you've developed a deep intuitive connection with and you find you're having trouble reining in your interpretations, try using a completely different deck for predictive readings. I'd recommend a Marseille deck, or even a bog standard RWS if you don't use one already.

You could even limit yourself to just the trumps. 😱  Keep it simple, keep it clear.

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