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24 April 2016

Open Reading 9

The lovely Mr.Lunar recently achieved 100 subscribers on his fledgling YouTube channel and had a celebratory giveaway draw for a Cartamundi "Jeu Lenormand" deck.

I've wanted one of these for a long time but I put off getting one because
a) I have more than enough Lenormand decks and b) I felt the verses might be distracting. I decided in the end that if I were to get one it would be the indecipherable to me Dutch version.

Guess who won.    

I am loving this deck! And I wanted to share an open reading using it. Lenormand works better with a few more cards than I usually use for ORs, so I've created what I'm calling my "Quick Insight Cross"*.

Stressful conversations about choices concerning a friend or between friends. Don't allow these discussions to escalate into arguments. Take a step back and give the situation some time to resolve itself. Don't aggravate the situation and all will be well.

*I'll be back soon with the details for those interested.

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