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29 October 2015

The Ghetto Tarot has landed!

It's here!! And I love it. The Ghetto Tarot is an Indiegogo crowdfunded project I supported back in May. I couldn't resist. The example cards were so vital and creative, but still instantly recognisable as their classic Rider Waite Smith counterparts - important if I want to use a deck as a Tarot and not an oracle.

These are few of my favourites from my first run through the deck. I love the look on the Page of Cups' face, and the Chariot has such a commanding presence.

Photographed by Alice Smeets, all the scenes were recreated by Atis Rezistans, a group of Haitian artists, using only materials they were able to find or create locally. Hence these Knights with their unusual mounts.

I frankly wasn't expecting it so soon - these projects usually take a long time to wrap up. But with my birthday only a few days away and all next week off to celebrate it, Providence has given me a wonderful new toy to play with.

I haven't been able to discover if the deck will be made generally available any time soon. If I find out anything, I'll post an update here.
UPDATE: The deck can be ordered HERE (scroll about halfway down).

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