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24 October 2015

Speaking through skeletons

This summer I bought a deck of Lotería cards. Not your standard ones, but Lotería de la Muerte.

I found them in a Mexican import shop in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk, of all places.

Me being me, I wanted to use them for divination. So I had to come up with meanings for each of the images. Me being me, that had kind of stalled.

Then I read Beth Maiden's article on how to make time for Tarot, in which she mentions using a photograph of your daily card as the wallpaper on your phone. That appealed to me enormously. With that motivation, I regularly select a card and over the course of the day I consider the possible meanings.

Why am I telling you this today? Because this morning, the day after Hurricane Patricia hit southwest Mexico, I was naturally drawn to think of the people living there. While shuffling. I asked Gaia to take the heavy rain expected and absorb it or move it in ways that would not add flooding and mudslides to their misery.

I think she was listening. 

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