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24 September 2015

Open Reading 1

LOL! I grounded, I connected, I shuffled, I cut the deck, got an "unh unh" from spirit so cut it again, and this is what I drew.

Now, I always slide my cards individually back into the deck when I finish a reading. So they wouldn't have started out together when I began shuffling. Clearly there's more to that "intro" reading than I thought.

So where do we go with this? - Don't hold back. You've got something worth sharing with the world and now is the time to do it. Allow yourself to be seen and heard.

I noticed a strong "purple" vibe when I set up for this reading. I grabbed a lilac votive, my amethyst cluster wanted in on it and the first card up was Violet. Purple is associated with the 7th or Crown Chakra. It's the colour of spirituality and wisdom. - Free your thinking.

And just in case it means something to someone, this image popped into my head just before I started shuffling. (source: Wikimedia)

Ok, I love Van Gogh, but - random.

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