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21 November 2015


Since the publication of at least two, that I'm aware of, new Kipper decks I've noticed a spike in the number of people visiting my blog having searched for "kipper meanings" etc.

Information in English is fairly limited at the moment, although I expect that's about to change big time! For my readers' convenience I've consolidated all the sources I've made use of (that are still in existence) -

xxxxxxxxxxx's list of meanings at xxxxxxxxxxx - here.
xxxxxxxxxxx also hosts a Kipperkarten group on Facebook - here.
(yes, we've had a falling out, and I'm not promoting anything of her's on my blog)
A simple listing plus some timing information from Fennario - here.
Malkiel Rouven Dietrich kindly made some Kipper videos in English which I've compiled into a YouTube playlist - here.

To be honest, that's all you need to get you started.

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