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24 June 2016

Family rallies 'round

On this day of my honouring my grandmother's birthday and dealing with Brexit [shudder] I asked Oma to come to me and comfort me.

The Queen of Diamonds/Mum came instead, or rather 'as well' because the shadow card was the Queen of Spades/Oma, and reassured me that everything will be okay soon.

Thank you, I really needed to hear that right now.  β™₯ you.

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22 June 2016

MT June Challenge (Instagram) - Week 4

This has been a very useful exercise and I'm looking forward to working with these final questions during the last week of the challenge. I'm going to keep a list of all these questions, so that in future I can apply them to some more of the underappreciated decks in my collection.

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20 June 2016

Open Reading 11

Let go of your idea of what will make you perfectly happy. 
Be receptive to Better.

Psychic Tarot Oracle, John Holland, published by Hay House

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18 June 2016

Well, I wasn't expecting that.

I bought the Connected and Free - The Alchemist's Oracle* because the artwork appealed to me. It reminded me of the Wild Unknown Tarot, which I admired but wasn't going to buy because the images were so divergent from my understanding of the individual cards that I would have had to read it as an oracle. Better to just buy an oracle in the first place. :)

But I have to confess I had misgivings about this deck when I first flipped through it. I quickly realised that the keywords and the images didn't seem to relate to each other, at least in any way that I understood. Uh oh. How was I going to apply intuition to cards that seem to pull in two different directions? What was I going to do with a DIS-Connected and Free oracle?

My initial thought was to read them much like some people read Gypsy Witch cards. Sometimes the symbol on the card is at odds with the meaning of the playing card inset. For example, No.9 The Birds: "The birds signify dire misfortune and fierce enemies..." This is coupled with the Ace of Diamonds which traditionally and at its most basic represents a letter or a ring. How do you reconcile those two? Well, you could go with the one that "jumps out" at you first when you look at the cards. The Birds meaning may tie in better with the surrounding cards. Maybe the letter meaning will strike a chord with the question. Flexibility.

So with that in mind I figured I'd give the Connected and Free a chance. But first, I'd subject them to Moonlit Tarot's June Deck Challenge questions, and I'm so glad I did. By pulling one card in response to each day's question I quickly realised that the images and keywords, although not obviously related, did in fact play off each other in a unique and compelling fashion. This was one instance where reading the accompanying book made all the difference. If ever a deck could convincingly claim to have been "intuited with the guidance of the Universe" this would be one of them. The connections do seem to emanate from a different plane of existence.

This deck spoke to me in a way I'd never experienced before. It was uncomfortable. It presented me with my fears, those things I avoid or resist. I couldn't *not* see it. And yet with each revelation the interaction felt positive and safe. This deck wasn't out to wound me but to show me the disparate pieces of myself and help me to wholeness.

I can't call this a review - it's just a very personal reaction to the deck. But if you're prepared to see the world and yourself from a different angle, I can recommend it.
(*except that it doesn't seem to be available at the moment πŸ˜’ but they might still have copies here.)

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15 June 2016

MT June Challenge (Instagram) - Week 3

I'm still enjoying working with the Psychic Tarot for this challenge. I'm a day or so behind, mind you. Life, plus a new gaming addiction, LOL, which I might feature on my other blog, but I will keep going.

What really impressed me, though, was how well my reprise of the week 1 questions went with the Connect and Free Oracle. Frankly, I think it saved the deck for me - details to follow in another post.

Connected and Free - The Alchemist's Oracle / Inner Hue

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08 June 2016

MT June Challenge (Instagram) - Week 2

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Psychic Tarot (John Holland, Hay House Inc.) this past week. It really opened up a connection between us that I hadn't managed to develop before. I'll probably keep using it with the Week 2 prompts.

But I've just received Connected and Free  - The Alchemist's Oracle (Lauren Aletta, art by Tegan Swyny, self-published: Inner Hue) and I think it would benefit from a run through of the Week 1 questions. I guess I can do that, too,

So, I'll be posting a few more pictures on Instagram over the next week. Come and see me. β˜ΊοΈ And take part - it'll be fun!

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01 June 2016

I might try this

Edit 2Jun16 - I did try this, and it's turning out really good. The "deck I don't use" that I'm using for this challenge, LOL, is the Psychic Tarot by John Holland. I've had it for a while and I love the images but for some reason I've never used it. I can see it being used a fair bit in future.

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