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29 May 2016

Change up your Daily Draws

I don't do daily draws.

Perhaps because the results are so open-ended. What could the 4 of Swords be trying to tell me, for example? I should take a nap? I'll be visiting the hospital? I'm going to get a headache?

So when I spotted Christiane of Cosmic Faery Tarot's suggestion on "How to Supercharge Your Daily Tarot Card Draw" it seemed like an excellent solution. I have a bunch of old cards I'd saved for craft projects. I have a corner punch. I can do this!

And this was the result. A set of cards with "focus" questions on the back. Just shuffle and pick one and apply the question to your Daily. Random instant context.

I decided to print the prompts on a sheet of labels and stick them on rather than write them all out. I have a nice handwriting, but only for about two sentences. Then it deteriorates into a scrawl.

This was my first go (originally posted on Instagram). Looks like I should just kick back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Ok, I can do this, too! 

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