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23 January 2016

This one's for me

If you've watched my latest 31 Days of Tarot Challenge video then you know I've been suffering with a cold for a while now, and that card reading takes a back seat when I'm ill.

But sitting here this evening, I suddenly got the urge to dig out Madame Dora and have a go. I thought perhaps I'd post an "open reading" for you. It's been a while, after all. But as soon as I saw the cards, I knew they were meant for me.

Richard and Simon: You're improving but the reality is you're not quite up to it yet. Ivy: (somewhat less irreverently) They can wait.

So there you have it. Madame Dora has spoken. I'll wait a bit longer before I tackle a reading for you all. That said, if this one says something you feel you need to hear right now, take it with my blessing.

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