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08 October 2015

Open Reading 3

Two quite different energies in today's reading with Madame Dora's Fortune-Telling Cards.

Sometimes life is a bit "This. But-also this." As a pair, these cards are saying - Time to make your own way, follow your own heart, listen to your own inner voice. Others may try to steer you this way or that, or simply keep you where you are. They may tell you you can't or you shouldn't. Perhaps there's no overt control, you've just allowed yourself to fall in line with a way of living or behaving that doesn't fit anymore. Take steps towards living an authentic life.

But don't be so strident in your determination to forge a new path that you rush blindly ahead. Take things one step at a time, test the ground, check in with yourself along the way.

And don't feel you have to go it alone, that you have to burn your bridges. There may be people who will support you if you give them a chance to get on board with your vision. Take what's working for you now and see how you could re-vision it and use it going forward.

White is the colour energy today - wholeness, clarity, purity. 
Follow your Light.

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