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29 October 2015

The Ghetto Tarot has landed!

It's here!! And I love it. The Ghetto Tarot is an Indiegogo crowdfunded project I supported back in May. I couldn't resist. The example cards were so vital and creative, but still instantly recognisable as their classic Rider Waite Smith counterparts - important if I want to use a deck as a Tarot and not an oracle.

These are few of my favourites from my first run through the deck. I love the look on the Page of Cups' face, and the Chariot has such a commanding presence.

Photographed by Alice Smeets, all the scenes were recreated by Atis Rezistans, a group of Haitian artists, using only materials they were able to find or create locally. Hence these Knights with their unusual mounts.

I frankly wasn't expecting it so soon - these projects usually take a long time to wrap up. But with my birthday only a few days away and all next week off to celebrate it, Providence has given me a wonderful new toy to play with.

I haven't been able to discover if the deck will be made generally available any time soon. If I find out anything, I'll post an update here.
UPDATE: The deck can be ordered HERE (scroll about halfway down).

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24 October 2015

Speaking through skeletons

This summer I bought a deck of Lotería cards. Not your standard ones, but Lotería de la Muerte.

I found them in a Mexican import shop in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk, of all places.

Me being me, I wanted to use them for divination. So I had to come up with meanings for each of the images. Me being me, that had kind of stalled.

Then I read Beth Maiden's article on how to make time for Tarot, in which she mentions using a photograph of your daily card as the wallpaper on your phone. That appealed to me enormously. With that motivation, I regularly select a card and over the course of the day I consider the possible meanings.

Why am I telling you this today? Because this morning, the day after Hurricane Patricia hit southwest Mexico, I was naturally drawn to think of the people living there. While shuffling. I asked Gaia to take the heavy rain expected and absorb it or move it in ways that would not add flooding and mudslides to their misery.

I think she was listening. 

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12 October 2015

LINK: John Ballantrae - 4 steps to an excellent Tarot reading

A very good introductory overview: 4 steps to an excellent Tarot reading by John Ballantrae.

This is just one of the articles on John's free Learning the Tarot site, along with videos and responses to questions from readers. John's videos can also be accessed on YouTube - John Ballantrae.

And if you love a Scottish accent, as I do - bonus!

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08 October 2015

Open Reading 3

Two quite different energies in today's reading with Madame Dora's Fortune-Telling Cards.

Sometimes life is a bit "This. But-also this." As a pair, these cards are saying - Time to make your own way, follow your own heart, listen to your own inner voice. Others may try to steer you this way or that, or simply keep you where you are. They may tell you you can't or you shouldn't. Perhaps there's no overt control, you've just allowed yourself to fall in line with a way of living or behaving that doesn't fit anymore. Take steps towards living an authentic life.

But don't be so strident in your determination to forge a new path that you rush blindly ahead. Take things one step at a time, test the ground, check in with yourself along the way.

And don't feel you have to go it alone, that you have to burn your bridges. There may be people who will support you if you give them a chance to get on board with your vision. Take what's working for you now and see how you could re-vision it and use it going forward.

White is the colour energy today - wholeness, clarity, purity. 
Follow your Light.

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04 October 2015

There are no coincidences

I picked up my Osho Zen Tarot to select a card to use as the wallpaper on my phone today. I had literally just begun shuffling when one card flipped over in my hands.

For a split second I considered it as a "jumper" but decided it was the result of attempting to shuffle with half-awake hands. So I put the card back and continued shuffling, telling the deck, as you do, that it was just sloppy shuffling, I wanted to shuffle the deck properly and if it wanted to give me that card again it was welcome to do so.


"...'Experiencing' is the feeling of wonder itself, the thrill of communion, the gentle touch of our connectedness with all that surrounds us..."

Even the title of this post comes from the Facebook post which triggered me to pull my card of the day.

This is why I fucking love cards.

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