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19 September 2016

Seduced by a Deviant Moon

I have never liked the Deviant Moon Tarot.

While I appreciated the novelty and humour of the artwork, it didn't strike me as anything I'd want to work with. I was happy to leave the deck to those readers who responded to it.

So what happens? I'm checking out cheap tarot decks on eBay (search: "tarot cards", <£8, worldwide. Warning: do not do this unless you have a very tolerant partner or you can consistently get to the postman before they do) and someone is auctioning a new Deviant Moon Borderless Edition.

Now, because of my general disinterest, I didn't even know a borderless edition had been published (2013). Mildly curious, I had a look at the images. And something clicked in my head.

I Googled up some more images and that was it - I wanted this deck. Luckily for me, the rest of the world and his dog must already have their beloved copies because there were only 3 bids and I nabbed it for £11 including postage.

The deal done, I just considered it a cheap and quirky addition to my collection.

And then it arrived. Oh. My. God. I was not expecting to love it like a long lost friend as soon as I had it in my hands. The card stock is gorgeous - warm and velvety, and just the right stiffness for the size of the cards. And the size! I love the skinniness of it. My hands are just big enough to shuffle them side on.

And, of course, the images. Maybe they seem so familiar because you can't avoid seeing them everywhere on the interwebs. But it's more than that - I feel like I know them, almost like they're family. This is what drove me to blog about the experience within minutes of opening the box. I've not had a reaction like this to a deck before. I knew I clicked with the Earth Magic Oracle before I'd even bought it because I was always drawn to sample spreads posted on Facebook and read them with ease. But I ignored the Deviant Moon ones.

Very strange, but then lots of things have been shifting for me over the past week or so. What's going on astrologically right now? Must check that out. But not before I spend some time reacquainting myself with an old friend.

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