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25 September 2016

Baby made me do it

So - I’m upstairs ironing, and I remember that I need to do something when I get downstairs. My memory for To Do type stuff isn’t reliable, so I call on my guides to remind me when I get downstairs (as you do). I begin going through those I know by “name” (in quotes because I don’t think they really have names in that sense, that’s just how they help me to differentiate between them), hoping one of them will take up the cause. Moments later I hear the name Baby.

What? A new entry? “Who are you?”

“I’m the one who bought the biscuits yesterday.”

Let me explain. While out grocery shopping yesterday I was drawn to the packets of Lemon Puffs in the Biscuit (Cookie) section.

Now, I don’t normally buy biscuits. For one thing, I’m trying to cut way back on the amount of sugary stuff I eat, and if I do crave sugary it’s usually in the form of chocolate or soft American-style cookies, not our crispy biscuits. But I bought them, despite the fact that I have a vague recollection that I've had them before and I didn’t actually like them.

But now it seems I didn’t buy them, Baby did. This could be a great get-out clause for all my impulse purchases. Baby made me do it.

I asked her “What else do you do besides make me buy biscuits?” and she just giggled. She giggles a fair bit. Because of her general childishness, I asked if she was a friend of Claire, my inner child (yes, I’ve named my inner child; it makes it easier to relate to her). “No.” Just like that.

So it would seem she’s not something internal but a distinct new “entity” in my spirit team.

She nagged a bit about the biscuits but I told her she’d have to wait – I’d have a couple with a cup of coffee this evening. That seems to have mollified her.

She has a somewhat annoying habit of saying my name. A lot. Maybe it’s just because it’s new to her. She’s quieted down now.

Why am I sharing this? I’m curious if other people have similar interactions with their guides/spirit team/woo woo crew. I’d love to hear your stories.

And, yes, I did remember the thing I needed to do. Really can’t say if it was a nudge or just that this whole experience kept the thought in my mind. But objective achieved, so it’s all good.

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