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19 August 2016

I've been Thothed!

I started out in Team RWS and that's worked out well for me. But after many years I learned how intriguing and flexible Marseille-style decks were, so I took that up as well. Then there was Dame Fortune's Wheel with its amazing colours and Etteilla-based system. Most recently I found Balbi, yet another system, and it was love at first sight.

But in all that time, and we're talking about 40 years here, I was never drawn to the Thoth Tarot. Too esoteric. Too eccentric. Too intimidating!

Then, a little while back, I was talking tarot with my step-mum and discovered she actually owned a deck herself - a Thoth. I was surprised and impressed. Then Thoth seemed to be popping up in all my social media haunts. I started to get that itch. Clearly the time had come for me to take the plunge.

I found this used deck, complete with "Book of Thoth" bag and wrapping silk, on eBay. As soon as I saw it I knew that was the one I wanted (I have no problem with used decks - I've put it in order, washed the silk, and we're good to go).

It's the standard size, 70x110cm, and it's in quite good condition, I'm pleased to say - faint wear on the surfaces but no creases or marks. It came with a US Games LWB but the cards themselves have ©1996 AGMüller on the back. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that AGM printed some of the decks for USG (or I'm dreaming again) but it could just be that the cards and booklet came from different decks.

I don't really care. The colours are clear and bright without being lairy (eh? - Google it) and it's not one of the ones with the greenish tinge. And it came with all three Magus variants. I'm going with the one in the middle.

It will be a nice size to work with and, who knows, maybe one day I'll treat myself to a set of the bigger cards.

For now I'm going to try to familiarise myself with the symbolism, and get to grips with the 15-Card Spread and the intricacies of Elemental Dignities. Wish me luck!

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