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18 February 2015


I blame Ember HoneyRaven.

I've been gorging myself on her videos lately - a lot of catching up to do - and I got to her Incense Tag offering the other day. Oh boy.

So when I found myself in Colchester today I had to pop into Traders of the East and check out their supply. It was good. It was very good.

I've used Satya's Nag Champa for years - love it! I bought these three on Ember's recommendation and I lit up a Patchouli Forest as soon as I got home. It is beautiful. And quite powerful. I can't wait to try the others - they smell great in the box. I've just rewatched the video, though, and I'm kicking myself for not remembering Satya Nirvana but I don't actually recall seeing it there in any case. eBay here we come!

But I did find some Nag Champa soap. Couldn't resist.

They also have HEM brand, among others, so I've made myself a little shopping list for the next trip. And maybe I'll even 'achieve' Nirvana. :)

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