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17 August 2014

Judy says...

When I began this blog I said that "...this is where I'll be housing my growing list of cartomancy links and snippets of useful info." I haven't been very good at keeping up with that. I confess, most of my online cartomancy activity takes place on Facebook.

Sometimes someone there posts an interesting idea or question and I am compelled to share my wisdom. Ok, maybe not wisdom, LOL - but at least what I've been able to glean from other knowledgeable practitioners or what I've found to be true through my own practice. It struck me that, if I were a better blogger, those replies are the sort of thing I'd be posting here. So, that's what I think I'll do - repost some of those comments here.

For now, I'll share links to my favourite Facebook groups.

Fortune Telling with a Pack of Ordinary Playing Cards - all kinds of playing card meanings and methods are explored. I'm an admin in this group.

Cartomancy Study Group - an active group that focuses mainly on playing cards as well as other forms of cartomancy.

Lenormand and Cartomancy - a very relaxed and friendly group.

Give me a wave if you're there. :)

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