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14 December 2014

Reading Houses within a GT

Many people like to read the Houses within a Grand Tableau (GT). I've tried it and I know the method has merit. But I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to reading a GT and I don't like to add Houses to my reading process. There's quite enough to do using traditional Lenormand methods without adding general cartomantic techniques to the mix.

This post by Madame Seaqueen, which explains Houses for those of you who may not have come across it before, employs a 6x6 GT layout however. I've seen this layout used before but not really considered it because, purist that I am, I like an 8x4+4 but... [light bulb goes on] I could use this layout for the times I think looking at the Houses would be the best way to tackle a reading. So now I can happily use Houses within a 6×6 without compromising my principles. ;)

So simple, so obvious in hindsight. But this is the sort of thing that highlights that you never stop learning your craft.

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05 December 2014

The Grand Tableau

It's been a while. I've been, let's say 'distracted' the past couple of months, but here is another "Judy says...", this time on the topic of the GT or Grand Tableau.

Madame Seaqueen, of Ask My Cards, posited in her Facebook group Zigeuner Cards Community, "One needs to remember that in yesteryear these Gipsy cards were quite frequently read in the GT layout using the near & far technique... Lines of 3, 5 or even 7 are a more modern option." 

To which I responded -

Yes, the Grand Tableau was the norm. That was simply "How it was done". My grandmother read Swedenborg cards, always in a GT. That's the only method given in the instructions and the meanings depend on whether a card is near or far from a significator. 

I wish people weren't so intimidated by GTs. You don't have to read every single card and use every single technique. You can ask a question, throw a GT and then simply read the line or square around the appropriate sig, just like a line of 3/5/7 or a 3x3. But, and this is the important bit, you then also have the opportunity, if you want, to look beyond those cards for more information. I think the GT should make a comeback. :)  (Although I suspect that in many parts of the world it probably still is the spread of choice or habit.)

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