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26 March 2017

Want to receive a spirit message through your cards?

Would you like to use your cards to receive a message from a deceased loved one or a particular spirit guide?

Assign them a significator, a card that will be their "place holder" in the deck. For example, for me, my mother always appears as the Queen of Diamonds* when using playing cards, and the Bouquet when using Lenormand.

Shuffle the deck and then thumb through it face up until you find their card. The card before (on top of) it reflects what they want to talk about or how they're feeling, and the two cards behind (below) it expand on the subject or form the message about the first card.

Need more information from them or want to ask a question? Reshuffle and repeat the process. Don't overdo it though. When you start getting jibberish is when you know you've worn them out. 😉

*Because in traditional German courts this Queen is holding a carnation, my mother's favourite flower.

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