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02 September 2016

Tell me anything

Client: I’d like a reading, please.
Reader: Wonderful. That will be £xx, please…
        Thank you. So, what is your question?
Client: Oh. I don’t have a question.
Reader: No question?…
Client: I’d just like to know what the cards have to
        tell me.
Reader: …
Reader: Is there an area of your life you’d like some
        insight into?
Client: Not really. [smiles encouragingly]

Okay, this is not insurmountable. The reader could use a spread that would help to define an area of enquiry, giving the reading some context. Or they could take the client at their word and just throw a few cards and see what comes up. And of course, if they happen to be psychic, pfft, piece of cake.


You the client have just sat down (virtually, if it’s by email) and handed over your hard-earned cash to someone you probably don’t really know… and you don’t have anything in particular you’d like to know about? You’re willing to pay good money for a random message from the universe? Surely the reason you’ve approached a card reader is because there’s something that you’d like the universe to address.

What if the universe tells you to call your mother more often? Or that your next pair of shoes will be blue? Are you going to be happy that you spent £xx for that?

And how do you feel about the message itself? Do you believe it came from The Beyond?

If you have a question and the reading then addresses that question in some sensible fashion, you can feel fairly confident that the information came from Source. If you've posed no question, you have no point of reference, and no way of satisfying yourself that it is indeed a message from Spirit and not just from the imagination of the reader. Still, it may 'feel' right to you, and if so, all well and good.

Mind you, if you really have nothing better to do with your time and your money than to get a reading just for the craic, why not spend them learning how to read cards yourself. You’ll get more out of it, I promise you. 


How’s this for synchronicity? I was ready to post this when I took a break to check my emails, and there was one from Carrie Mallon offering her “Serving of Synchronicity Reading”:
If you are yearning to receive meaningful messages but don't have a specific "focus area" in mind for a tarot reading, this option is perfect. You will not be asked to provide any notes or context for this reading. Instead, we'll trust synchronicity. I'll ask to be guided to the cards and insights that will be most useful to you, and your reading will be a serving of random (but oh so magical) support.
See? We do try to cater for everyone. 
Find it here --> 

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