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08 September 2016

A mini makeover for a less than ideal deck

You are the boss of your cards*.

Last year I bought a secondhand Soul & Spirit deck off an acquaintance on Facebook. These decks come as occasional gifts with Soul & Spirit magazine, so they're nothing special. She had several she was offloading but only that one appealed to me. It was the "Your True Calling" oracle by Genevieve McGee. More about that deck in a bit - I mention it because I love it so much that when a new S&S deck featuring Ms McGee's artwork came up on eBay I bought it blind - the Angel Blessings Oracle Cards.

The technique used to create the artwork is very different from my other deck, and doesn't really appeal to me. Also, and I shouldn't have been surprised by this, it is all angels, or in some cases blobs that I imagine are supposed to represent angels

And then there's this -

Really, Soul & Spirit? You need 36 images to create a deck and you resort to this?

But never mind, I can deal with all that. What I can't deal with are the cheesy and frankly redundant "affirmations" at the bottom of the cards. "Whispers - Heart whispers bring you joy". Oh puleez!

At this point, I was so underwhelmed that I considered selling it on. But then I thought No, I'll give them a chance to prove themselves. So I tried a little reading, a follow-up to a playing card reading I'd done for someone earlier in the day.

The cards were so spot on for the situation that I knew I had to keep them.

But I had to do something first. I had pretty much the same issue with the Your True Calling cards. They didn't come with their box so I didn't get the "blurb", but the affirmations and advice on the cards seemed very much geared towards helping you to find or create your dream job. Job satisfaction basically. Too restrictive for the all-purpose use I intended to put them to, and too distracting. So I fixed them.

Just like this.   Correction tape rules!

Now I can use just the titles and colour patterns (if not the images themselves ) to trigger my intuition.

*I'm trying to remember who said this. It may have been Hexe Claire, but please correct me if you know differently.

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