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29 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: When the cards are just plain WRONG and the magic of the significator card

I've watched this video a few minutes ago now, and I'm still sitting here shaking my head, and experiencing a profound DUH! moment.

I've never been one to use personal significators within tarot because a) it takes that card out of play - you won't get the benefit of its influence/ meaning within the spread, and b) I never saw the point. And up until now, no one has ever presented me with a good enough reason to change my mind.

But if you add magick into the mix, and its power to attract the "right" cards - now I'm listening! This puts a whole new spin on things.

(So, yeah, yet another Balthazar video. I can't help it. I just click with his ideas. #sorrynotsorry )

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27 January 2018

Loving this right now! OLLY ANNA "Write My Story"

12 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: Accurate Predictive Tarot and How NOT to Use Tarot to Hide From Life

Bloody hell. This blog is in danger of turning into the Balthazar Channel 📺. But I love his take on tarot, and this video is another winner.

Predictive tarot is a thing. Sure, I use tarot for "spiritual counselling" as well, but when I'm fortune telling I read the cards much like I would playing cards.

If you're using a deck that you've developed a deep intuitive connection with and you find you're having trouble reining in your interpretations, try using a completely different deck for predictive readings. I'd recommend a Marseille deck, or even a bog standard RWS if you don't use one already.

You could even limit yourself to just the trumps. 😱  Keep it simple, keep it clear.

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07 January 2018

YouTube - Balthazar's Conjure: Using the Tarot for Spirit Communication

This is right up my alley! A detailed and lucid explanation of how to converse with spirit using this particular method PLUS clear guidance on how to phrase questions for Yes/No enquiries.

I have a majors only deck I bought last year that told me I shouldn't use it for ordinary readings. Perhaps it was meant for this type of spirit communication.

Maybe I should ask. 😉

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01 January 2018

Who are you?

When I was younger, a lot younger, if anyone asked me what my favourite Tarot card was, I always said The Hermit. 

In those days, I acknowledged that I was very hermit-like, and even felt a certain amount of pride in the fact, so naturally, I identified with this card.

Then something shifted. I began to feel that I shouldn’t – shouldn’t – be a hermit. That I should make more of an effort to connect with people, join in, be part of society. I told myself that it wasn’t healthy to identify so strongly with The Hermit. That it was a negative mindset that only reinforced my anti-social attitude. And so, for a very long time, I tried hard to be more outgoing, social, normal…

My favourite card became The World. Not, perhaps, for the reasons my would-be redeemers might have hoped. To me, The World is completion, perfection, the All. It’s already a step beyond the realms of social interaction.

As I’ve gotten older with a capital O, I’ve become less and less inclined to make myself be something that, interaction by interaction, was become more and more obvious I was not. 

And then, a couple of days ago I saw a Hermit card in some online forum or other, and it suddenly hit me, like smack in the face hit me, that I had made a conscious decision, all those years ago, to deny my true self. 

Bugger that.

I still love The World card, but I remember now that I am The Hermit.

Who are you?

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