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30 January 2017

Repost - The Journey Man: 5 Tips For Reading Tarot Cards

Declaring my bias up front, 1) I adore the Journey Man and 2) my method of card reading involves guides (not everyone works with guides; not everyone wants or needs to).

So, with that in mind, I bring you JM's 5 Tips For Reading Tarot Cards (or any cards), with my highest recommendation. 😊

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23 January 2017

Heads-up: Selling some decks

I've had a box of unloved tarot decks and boxed sets, as well as various oracle/fortune telling decks, sitting around taking up space for far too long now. So I've finally started listing them on eBay. I've set a few up already, timed to start a day or two apart, and I hope to keep up the process so that I can get the rest of the box-full listed over the next 2-3 weeks.

The first listing is already up and running - The Atavist Tarot Boxed Set

Coming up next are a Kenzo Psy-Chic Tarot deck (sold), 1st edition Alchemical Tarot boxed set (sold), Alchemical Tarot: Renewed deck (sold), El Tarot Universal de Waite (Spanish only) boxed set (sold|), and an Ananda Tarot boxed set.

These are not bargains. I've listed them close to the prices I've seen them listed for elsewhere. They may not actually be *selling* at those prices 😉 but I'll give it a shot. This is purely a heads-up in case you've been looking for one of these decks. I've got plenty of economical decks, and a few books, to add later on, but I thought I'd get rid of the bulkier and more valuable decks first.

You used to be able to list separate shipping costs to all the different world postal zones, but now it's UK and either Europe OR Worldwide. Choosing the World Zone 2 price for everyone wouldn't be fair. Nor would it incline the closer people to bid! So I've listed a European price and asked those outside the EU to contact me for a shipping cost if they're interested. I'll then send an invoice with the correct price at the end of the auction.

Please do not ask me to sell any of the items directly. I will only sell through eBay.

As I get more listed, I'll try to remember to make a note of them here...
Coming Soon - 
The I-Ching Tarot boxed set (sold)
I-Ching Holitzka deck (sold)
The Elemental Tarot boxed set
"Original" Rider Waite deck - Random House UK 1993 (sold)
The Black Book of Cards playing cards deck
Mosaic Dream Tarot deck
Maroon Tarot deck - original, majors only
Mystisches Kipper deck - German only

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06 January 2017

Follow your star!

I don't make a habit of sharing my Instagram posts here because if you were interested you'd be following me there.

But sometimes the cards are so spookily synchronistic that I *need* to share the magick.

Like this one for today... 6 January... Epiphany....
"The day the Magi visited the Christ Child".

How do it know?!?

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