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26 December 2016

Color Mage Oracle - mine, all mine

Sqweee! I finally have my copy of Bernard Charles, The Color Mage's Color Mage Oracle! I've wanted this for so long,
because Bernard. 

It's been charging overnight on my altar with a malachite, serephinite and amazonite. Why these crystals? No idea. They're just the ones that shouted "Me, me, me" when I went looking.

You can never have too much colour in your life. 

2-Jan-17: I'll be using this deck for my 2-Card draws over on Instagram for a little while, if you'd like to see them in action.

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14 December 2016

Cosmic Faery's Tarot Moon Journal 2017

I am crappy at keeping up with journaling. I start with good intentions and loads of enthusiasm, I understand and appreciate all the benefits... and then I. Just. Don't. Do it.

So I made the decision NOT to buy any more Life/ Business/ Tarot/ Shadow/ Happy Squirrel workbooks. For me, they're just a waste of money. Decided. Finished. Moving on.

Then one of Christiane of Cosmic Faery's Tarot's updates arrived in my inbox. Oh look, a new PDF journal for 2017. Not interested... but I'll just have a little peek to be polite.

Aaaaand sold.

In my defence - Tarot plus moon phases, lots of information, pages for reflection and looking forward, and a proper diary section with worksheets for each new and full moon slotted in as they occur. There's even a worksheet for the two lunar eclipses in 2017.

And, compared to many similar offerings, it's cheap! Only £5.00 (approximately $6.35 at the time of going to press).

I'm really looking forward to actually doing this next year. I've already printed out everything through January, so I can get stuck in straight after that craziness that goes on every 25 December.

And I'm shamelessly promoting the journal, too. If you'd like to get a copy, please use this affiliate link - Tarot Moon Journal 2017. Thank you.

I'd love to hear how you get on. It would help to keep me on track, too. 😁

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