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29 May 2016

Change up your Daily Draws

I don't do daily draws.

Perhaps because the results are so open-ended. What could the 4 of Swords be trying to tell me, for example? I should take a nap? I'll be visiting the hospital? I'm going to get a headache?

So when I spotted Christiane of Cosmic Faery Tarot's suggestion on "How to Supercharge Your Daily Tarot Card Draw" it seemed like an excellent solution. I have a bunch of old cards I'd saved for craft projects. I have a corner punch. I can do this!

And this was the result. A set of cards with "focus" questions on the back. Just shuffle and pick one and apply the question to your Daily. Random instant context.

I decided to print the prompts on a sheet of labels and stick them on rather than write them all out. I have a nice handwriting, but only for about two sentences. Then it deteriorates into a scrawl.

This was my first go (originally posted on Instagram). Looks like I should just kick back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Ok, I can do this, too! 

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10 May 2016

John Ballantrae on "When a Yes-No spread gives an incorrect answer"

Hooray! John Ballantrae is back posting YouTube videos again. And he's starting out with a bang. There's a lot to think about in this one.

"...You (the reader) are not the one with the problem, or the one who wants an answer... Sometimes the questioner... knows what the answer is, or knows... the best route... to follow to move them in the direction of which they want to go. I think some part of the questioner knows that, and... that's the answer you get in a Tarot spread... The reader is the messenger... of what the person already knows...

With a reading, it's the questioner talking to the questioner via the cards... So what's going on isn't always what seems to be going on. So we have to think to the whole question of being 'right' and 'wrong'..."

I personally love the fact that John honours the questioner's desire for a Yes-No answer, and doesn't try to get them to change their question to something more "open ended".

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01 May 2016

Open Reading 10

Time to warm up another new deck with an open reading. Knowing me, this should be a fairly regular occurrence. Are you ready, my little guinea pigs?

This is the Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. I deliberately bought the version with the matching card borders, which I believe can be identified by the "An Ocean of Eternal Love" subtitle on the box (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). There is another edition that has borders of different colours and a dark title bar at the bottom. Not so nice, in my opinion.

You've been giving too much of yourself. Feeling overwhelmed, misused. Taking the blame. Free yourself from that; you are free of that - don't accept the blame, don't blame yourself. Look beyond the circumstances. Believe in yourself and you will win through.

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