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31 December 2015

Have a Lennie 2016!

Judy  x

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26 December 2015


I was gifted a set of Earth Magic Oracle cards for Christmas. I'd seen sample spreads posted here and there and was drawn to the card images. They were particularly appealing because I noticed to how clearly they seemed to speak to me.

Naturally, I couldn't wait to open up the box and have a look at my new babies. But wow! I was not expecting the backs.

Is that not beautiful? I love the heron. And the bears! And the way the reflection of the tree looks like roots burrowing into the earth. I'm in lurve.

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12 December 2015

No Do-Overs

A messenger hands over a package, but if the recipient doesn’t like the contents of the box, then that’s nothing to do with the messenger. You don’t drive back to the depot and look for something that will be more pleasing.
John Ballantrae - How to Tell the Time with Tarot

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