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12 July 2015

I'm a Kapherus fangirl

I'm fortunate to have been given my grandmother's meanings for reading playing cards. But if I were starting from scratch I would adopt the meanings and methods of J David Arcuri, aka 'Kapherus' and 'Cardseer'.

As it is, Oma passed on diddly-squat about HOW to read cards, so I augment my meager natural abilities by following Kaph's clear and informative blog posts on the subject. Such as this one, which I highly recommend -

Card Pairing in Cartomancy: Basic Lessons in Reading Playing Cards

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09 July 2015

The universe isn't fussy

“It’s my belief and experience that the cosmos at large is overwhelmingly full of willingness and desire to speak to you. It’s as if we were sitting in a small, cosy room, with all the doors and windows tight shut …and we open one of them just a crack, and it turns out to be broad daylight out there, and the light comes flooding in!

 …I don’t think the universe is very fussy if you open the wrong window, open the window the wrong way, open the door by mistake, dislodge a brick, fall over and accidentally knock the shutters open with your head… I really don’t think it minds.”

Hilary Barrett -

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